Acquabios Connecta: discover our new communication channel that marked our 10 years

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January 24, 2019

Aquabios; Filters, Purifiers


If you follow us here on the blog or see our posts on social networks often, you know that in 2018 we completed 10 years of life. During this year, we announced some changes in our marketing department and in our brand positioning. Today we came to talk about one of these news, Acquabios Connecta!

Motivated by these 10 years of dedication, we decided to launch a periodical magazine focused on retail, to get even closer to the entire chain of stakeholders, offering relevant and quality information to further strengthen our relationship.

The first edition has a print run of 1,000 copies, which will be distributed to our resellers across the country. See what articles were published in this commemorative edition.

Acquabios 10 years

To mark our anniversary, we reconstructed the steps that took us to this point and we tell you how our founding partner was a pioneer in the research and development of Melt Blown technology here in Brazil, enabling the evolution of filter elements in purifiers. We present all of this on our timeline. Our partners were also present in the magazine's editorial, reflecting on these 10 years and anticipating some news for the next. In addition, we talk all about our change in market positioning.

Water, our source of life

Do you know the route that water takes to get to your house? If you've never stopped to think about it, you'll enjoy reading the article “the water ways” that reconstructs the treatment step by step, from the capture to the arrival at your home tap. You will see why it is so important to use filters like Acquabios. We also produced an article talking about a serious subject: the water crisis. We present the report made by the NGO SOS Mata Atlântica in 2017 and talk about the factors that most contribute to the water crisis in the country. For example, did you know that in Brazil, 81% of municipalities discharge at least 50% of their sewage into nearby rivers? In this article you will know this and other data.

Aquabios by those who know

Without the contribution of our employees, we would not have reached this point and we are very aware of that. In this first edition of Acquabios Connecta, we interviewed some of the people who helped us to walk this path of dedication and success. You will see what these wonderful people have to say about the importance of consuming quality water, about the use of filters and the dedication in each process developed here at Acquabios, among other things.

retail marketing

Are you using all the tools available to sell more and better relate to your consumer? We are aware of market changes and we want you to be too, which is why we have produced three super special articles for shopkeepers. In the first one, we talk about the technological innovations that facilitate the relationship with the consumer. In the second, we talk about the behavioral changes of consumers, which have undergone quite significant changes since the popularization of the internet. In the third part, you get to know some tips to sell more, and finally, we talk about the importance and the differential of a well-structured Customer Service, including after-sales.

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