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October 29, 2021

Event marks the opening of Acquabios' new headquarters


Event marks the opening of Acquabios' new headquarters

On October 21st, we received around 150 guests at our company, including customers, representatives, authorities, the press and friends.

A pleasant sunny afternoon, allowed us to officially present our new house that has more than 9 thousand square meters, modern architecture, differentiated aesthetic standard and living areas designed for the well-being of people.

With this grandiose project, we intend to expand our production capacity by 100% over the next few years, in addition to almost tripling our revenue over the next five years. Not to mention our desire to return the affection to the city, with the opening of new jobs. Currently, the company has 190 direct employees and the goal is to reach 400 by 2026.

Among the remarkable moments of that day, we can highlight the signature of the license, drawn up by the current mayor, Mr. Fabiano Feltrin and his deputy, Mr. Jonas Tomasini. In addition, we are announcing first hand the partnership of intent for product development with UCS Graphene with Ms. Daniele Perondi.

“It was a very special moment that will be forever engraved in our hearts”, say directors Daiane Panazzolo and Ademir Rech.

We have immense gratitude for all the guests who were present to immortalize this day and for our employees who helped us think and execute every detail.

See below for some news and photos about the event:;noticia27880.html

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