Filter with Faucet New


The modernity your kitchen deserves! In addition to the three color options and easy-opening lever, the great differential of the New Faucet Purifier lies in its cost-effectiveness. When purchasing the product, you get a free refill to have pure water in your home for a year!


Usage indications

To be used in the wall.

Recommended for installation on the sink, directly at the water point. Suitable for residential use or commercial establishments with average water consumption.



Nominal Flow - 40l/h

Maximum recommended flow - 40L/h

Operating Pressure - 19,6  to 392 kPa

Operating Temperature - 4°C to 38°C

Nominal particulate reduction - Class D  (≥15 µm to ˂30 µm) 

Life of the system - 1.500 L