Water Purifier Eletronic Premium


Alkaline water purifier with an electronic refrigeration system, with lighting on the water output, indicative led for cartridge replacement and acrylic finishing.


Usage indications

Recommended for environments with low people circulation. Can be used on both countertops and walls.


Cooling system : Electronic

Purification Capacity/Water flow rate: Up to 20  liters per hour

Chlorine, odor and bad taste reduction: Applicable (Activated carbon filter)

Particle retention: Removes particles from ≥ 0,5 to ≤ 1 μm size

Cartridge lifespan: 1.500 liters or 6 months

Cooling capacity: 0,250 liters per hour

Reservatory capacity: 0,800 liters

Installation type: Table top or wall mount

Voltage (V) 127 V - 220 V (Bivolt)

Power (W) 58 W

Frequency (Hz) 50Hz - 60Hz