About Acquabios

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Better water Better life

For more than a decade, our company has focused on small gestures that produce big effects. In the routine and well-being of people's lives, in tradition and innovation, in the commitment and concern for providing health. We develop products that stimulate experiences, generating value for our customers. Acquabios believes in people and their potential for achieving, that's why it invests in the formation of teams engaged with their goals and with incentives for them to perform their best! This trust gave rise to a culture based on the pillars of innovation, commitment to people and excellence in everything we do.


Producing with quality to meet the growing demand of our customers is the premise that drives our business. Our daily efforts are focused on standardization and excellence. Our company has national and international certifications. Our surveys are aimed at serving our consumers with a focus on satisfying their expectations.

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Design e Innovation

Bold design, innovation and technology bring our products to life. our brand is recognized for its diversity, for its contagious and modern colors. Every year we supply new releases to the market of equipment to filter water and also to beautify, decorate and combine! In addition to meeting the needs of customers who purchase equipment to filter water, we want their choice to be praised for the beauty and composition that the equipment can offer to their decor, to their home. When we think of new products, we think of people and it is their desires that move us!