Water Purifier Ultra Ice - Black



Compact and highly efficient. Built with graphene nanotechnology,  the reservatory is ultra resistant to the water pressure and antibacterial, with a modern cooling system with compressor.


Usage indications

Recommended for high-traffic environments. Can be installed on both countertops and walls.                             


Cooling system: Compressor

Installation type: Table top or wall mount (wall bracket sold separately)

Purification Capacity/Water flow rate: Up to 60 liters per hour

Chlorine, odor and bad taste reduction: Applicable (Activated carbon filter)

Particle retention:  Removes particles from ≥5 to <15µm size

Cartridge lifespan: 3.000 liters or 6 months

Cooling capacity: 2,2 liters per hour

Reservatory capacity: 2,3 liters

Voltage (V) 220V | Power (W) 80W |Frequency (Hz) 50Hz - 60Hz

Weight: 10,5 kg                                            

Product size: 40,4cm x 26cm x 35,1cm 

Indicator light for cartridge replacement

Cartridge with an easy replacement system, just turn and switch