Pantone's Color of the Year and Its Influence on Decor

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December 19, 2019

Learn how to use Pantone's Color of the Year, Blue Classic in architecture and interior decoration.


"Recently announced, Pantone's trend color of the year serves as an inspiration for creating modern environments with a sophisticated touch. Named "Classic Blue", or Pantone 19-4052, the tone, according to the company responsible for creating world trends , inspires calm, confidence and connectivity.

As we enter a new decade, this resilient blue enhances our aspiration for a solid, stable foundation on which to build, explains Pantone. The color symbolizes the new era, with the search for human connections and empathy.

Identified by our psyche as a tranquil color, Classic Blue brings peace and serenity, offering a sense of protection to the human spirit. Impacting concentration and bringing a clarity equal to a laser, it takes us to the balance of thoughts. With these ideas in mind, the use of color that is trending for the year in architecture and decoration works perfectly to create spaces for reflection and contemplation, bringing harmony to homes and commercial spaces.

In addition to the sense of tranquility conveyed by the tone, Blue Classic is also an instigating and sophisticated color. The color conveys versatility and individuality, as it can be reworked through textures, different finishes and glossy coatings, making it a very easy color to match.

In decoration, it can be used in complete environments or in special details, working for furniture or decorative objects. Reminiscent of the twilight night sky, the timeless blue doesn't become cloying over time. With Blue Classic, Pantone seeks to give the world an opportunity to create multisensory environments by conveying elegance and harmony.

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